A - Frame

It was a post and beam situation
One which required a lot of cement and white paint
I heard that it was the squall through someone who
Really knows his squalls
I wondered if the wind was at the right angle
Through mesh and sand and canvas duck
War wounds of erosion
The same bleached stained eyelet curtains ruffling
Like curly lasagne no boil noodle

It came at the most opportune moment
Teeth's network and gums
Pink saliva hissing through cracks in the nicotine stained
Caverns of fur
How did your skin loosen up
And flow over the top of your head?

Waiting for the foam
Sea froth
Angel breath
Cappuccino cum
Foam squared
"I almost came 5 times when i was in your mouth"
are those fightin' words?
A testoerone time out?

I just couldn't resist
A long time coming
Coming as if it were someone else
Someone else
Someone connected
Someone who talks
Not sprung like the coil of a clock
So tight
Ready to erupt
Too soon
Too unravel
Too soon

It was all too strange
A bad edit
slight segue askew
a master thespian movie trailer voiceover
and over
and over

I love pulling the lint skin from the dryer
An allergists nightmare
A sucker literally
Jaw origami

You outdid yourself
Your fingers extensions of your tools
Like the bubble in the level
Like the balance of your tool belt

How do you make peace with the division
You come on like a tornado with no boundaries
And then are rebuilding the berlin wall
your stuccoed existance

Free fall
Free will
Wailing wall
Ill will
stay still
mortar messages
Ask four questions

Serve me like a kings cake
With charms
Inside mercury hearts
Let the tongue lead
Like putting hands to paint
Raw sweet honey paint
Green paint
Scarlet tint
Dry string wrapped in coils
Thread sewn through membranes
Can't explain
Skin punctuates the outlines
The embossed pulp...glaze incased wax.