While waiting at a red light thinking about munching on your ear

I'm a paint by numbers kinda gal
Extra bonus colors included
Cat on a hot tin roof
On a rainy slate
inks melt
Embroider their way onto
Swirls, coils
Braided like a cobra on a loom
Warp and weft
Woven in space
In marrakesh
Surfing on a cumin wave
On baby meatballs in smouldering triangular clay

My tits hurt

My brushes
Like lashes
Caked on
Easy baked on
Waterproof mascara
Not a guarantee of a good marriage
By any stretch of the imagination
Of the extra large danskin pants with elephant cellulite
Parading in all it's glory
you go dumbo!!!!

I want to lick your rainbow dots
Xxx you
Caress you
Protest you
Indigest you

Tripod legs
Silver tipped
In agent orange
Out on a limb of war
At arms length
Oh, give me strength
Brought to you by Dupont and erectile disfunction
An injunction to fuck

We erased the truth and wnet for the dares
All the stares
Eyes on you
Your baby blues
Boooo who?